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  1. That's about the price range I got this one for. That's why I was expecting to replace the stock but it's not nearly as rough as he said it was. I'm gonna just shoot it for now. I have ended up with way too many projects for this summer.
  2. So a friend of mine called me and said his dad had an sks he was looking to sell extremely cheap but that it was in rough shape. He gave me a price, I told him I will take it sight unseen as long as the action will open. I go pick it up expecting a rusted up Norinco. Turns out it's a rearsenaled Russian with no real noticable rust just a peeling finish on the wood stock. I bought it planning on making it into a tacticool plinker but after having shot this thing I really like it and would consider it accurate enough to use as a back up hunting rifle. So now my ideas have changed. I would like to find a blade type bayonet and refinish the stock to try and match the original color as close as I can. I can always take the bayonet off if I do plan on taking the rifle on a hunt. It will be strictly for looks. I do not want to sand on the stock as I would like to leave all the markings on it. I know this gun is not really a collectible. I just like the looks of the original Russians. Any experience, suggestions, comments? All are welcome except telling me to buy an AR! lol
  3. A few of you may know me from BITOG, I post there under the same name. I am from Missouri. I have been hunting and shooting since I was old enough to hold up a Model 9422. My dad has been a firearms instructor for as long as I can remember so guns were just a part of growing up for me. Looking forward to learning some new stuff from you all and hopefully I will be able to bring a few good points or opinions to a conversation as well.
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