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  1. spasm3

    ruger lcp

    Anyone own the LCP II ? If so, do you like it? I'm considering it as the trigger is much better than my lcp. I assume the magazines do not cross over.
  2. I have never cared for snubbies either. I have an old .32 s+w long revolver but i think the muzzle energy is = or less than the .22.
  3. My wife is not really into guns, she does not dislike them. I have taught her to shoot and handle my walther p22. I want her to be comfortable enough to keep the gun with her at night when i'm not home. I know that a .22 even loaded with stingers or minimags are not optimal but i'm not sure she will like shooting anything bigger. I guess at least .22 is better than nothing, but what does everyone else have for their wives?
  4. Missed this post until it was already over. I am curious as to what it is.
  5. I bought a shield today. I chose 9mm. I already have .380, 9mm , and .45 in the safe. I just did not want to have to stock another caliber so i went with 9mm over the .40. I've got to select a holster next.
  6. I want to add a concealed carry pistol in addition to my lcp. The lcp is perfect for when i wear shorts or light clothing, because its small. But i feel there are times when if you had to draw it, you might want the other party to realize you have a gun in your hand. The lcp is so small i'm not sure it would be easily recognizable. I do have small hands so a glock 26 does not fit my hand. I am looking at the Smith + Wesson MP shield in 9mm. It feels good in my hand, although i have not fired one. Its bigger than the lcp but slim to conceal. I just wish it had a few more than 8 rounds. Anyone here have one? Thoughts? Thanks Bryan
  7. I'm hoping that will not extend to surplus ammo as well.
  8. Thanks for the recommendation! Mods, yes please move this, i did not realize i was under the centerfire rifles.
  9. I like how that looks, i have the walther p22. I think the slide is also the weak point on mine. I am curious how these 2 pistols compare in size.
  10. I'm thinking of getting a henry lever action. trying to decide if i want it in 22wmg or .22lr. The .22lr is cheaper to shoot if you can find it. Anyone own these rifles? opinions?
  11. spasm3

    carry pistol

    I'm thinking about adding concealed carry pistol. My current carry is a .380 lcp. I really like the S+W MP Shield. Its available in 9mm and .40. I like the idea of a larger round but i don't want to add another caliber to stock. ( i have 9mm,.45, .22, and .380.) Thoughts? What do you guys carry concealed? I don't want to carry a 1911 concealed. I like them but i want a double/single action.
  12. spasm3

    1911 Birthday

    The design was so ahead of its time. Still appreciated 100 years later! My son has one. Its on my list to get one!
  13. What .380s are you guys carring? Are any +p rated?
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