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Practically Shooting

Surplus Ammunition 45 ACP 230 Grain M1911 Ball....


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If you're going to shoot it, I don't know why you would buy it when you could buy other ammo that will do the same thing.

It may seem easy to get now, but a collector might love to have it ten years from now.

Just some FYI rambling:

The city of Evansville had a lot of military contracts in WWII for some reason. I know anyplace that was doing any manufacturing then was doing war work, but Evansville's seems disproportionate to me for the town's size. I surmise the local industry (refrigerator and freezer manufacturing) had factories that were easily adapted to making things for the war effort, and had river access for transportation. Just a guess. Maybe a congressman lived there.

Whatever the reason, that small town had the Chrysler ammunition plant, a refrigerator plant that became a Republic P-47 factory, some shipbuilding support plants, and I think Chrysler also had a tank plant there although that may have been part of the ammo plant.

After WWII, International Harvester bought the Republic plant to make refrigerators. When the Korean War began, IH made M-1 Garand rifles in that plant.

Lots of WWII history there. They have an operable LST (LST 325) that home ports there now.

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