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Inconsistent loads while using Brasso in tumbler

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A couple years ago I was having trouble with noticeably inconsistent 45ACP reloads. I use Hodgdon Clays, so I gave Hodgdon a call and told them the problem I was having. The very first questions from the gentleman who answered the phone was, "Are you using anything in the tumbler to shine the brass?" I said yes that I was using Brasso. He said that the propellant will absorb enough oil from the left over Brasso that it will affect the burn rate/consistency. I stopped using the Brasso and my loads are again very consistent.

Has anyone else experienced a similar problem?


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I would be wary of using Brasso or any other chemical cleaner containing ammonia. Ammonia is great for removal of copper (think Sweets 7.62) and i would not want to keep something with ammonia in contact with my cases for any great length of time.

For what it is worth I have found Lyman's Turbo media rejuvenator/polish effective and economical. Just a few hours in the tumbler with treated corn cob media and the cases have a nice burnished look.

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