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New S&W Product 10-18-23


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Watching and waiting on those new grips.  Eleven minutes into the announcement, and it’s all industry partner pitches so far.  

Maybe it will be rubber grips in different color options. 


It’s a 9mm carbine.  Modular.  Different magazine wells, can use AR trigger groups. 

The S&W Response. 

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Ruger has had the swappable magwell since the PC9 came out SIX YEARS AGO.   Ruger, however, is still selling the same three magwells they started with instead of making a variety of them like people have asked since the beginning.  

But so far S&W has only promised a selection.


I have to wonder why S&W didn’t add this feature to the folding FPC they gave us just over six months ago.  

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