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Federal .30 Super Carry


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New from Federal, to give us something to ask “What for?” is the .30 Super Carry cartridge.  
Sort of a rimless .327 Federal.  

I guess the idea was to outperform the .32ACP and .380ACP, but at 9mm length it pretty much requires a 9mm-size gun.  Pressures of around 45k PSI will need a locked breech.  

But at least it gives us another cartridge we can’t find.



My only interest would be that I wouldn’t turn away an auxiliary .30 Super Carry cylinder for my .32 Mag Single Six.   Not that it offers anything new, but it would give one more cartridge option.  

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I can't imagine why one wouldn't just use a 9mm?  The external ballistics are similar, but you could get 2 more rounds into a subcompact magazine.  Does the increased round count really matter? 

Considering the new round will likely be extinct in a couple years, I'll pass as I'm guessing most will.

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I went on the Federal ammunition website tonight.   When you go to the menu and click “Handgun”, what comes up is a pitch for this dog.   I can’t believe they still have hope for it.

Did you know it has been two years?  I would’ve guessed only one.  Being the target of jokes must be the only thing keeping it in memory   

The local gun shop has a couple of new .30SC S&Ws in the case. Judging from the faded ink on the tags, they must’ve been there most of that two years. 

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