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Practically Shooting

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On 10/1/2018 at 11:05 PM, BarryinIN said:

I had to look up Avoyelles Parish.  Home of Gov Edwin Edwards?  I was living down there during his trial/circus in 1985-86.  Wow. What a show. 

When he was in jail here, one of my best friends owned a bakery, which was attached to her home. She would make his favorite pie, pecan. She brought him one every week. 

He was a very crooked governor, and a DEMOCRAT, but he sure took care of the people in La. He was a HUEY P. LONG of that time. Our current governor, John Bel Edwards, has EE's last name (no relation) but sure is NOTHING like him! He's scared of his own shadow, and was the person that started the ball rolling to eliminate ALL Confederate statues in America. He started by planting the bug in the previous N'awlins mayors ear, Mitch Landrieu. When he eliminated all of the statues in N'awlins, he sealed his fate at not being voted mayor again. 

One last thing about Avoyelles Parish. It's the poorest Parish in La. Our sales tax is currently 10.25%! Yes, you read that correctly, 10.25%! And, in December, the Police Jury is holding a special election to raise it to 11.25%. The residents here are so tired of being taxed and will most likely shoot it down. But can you imagine, 11.25%? 

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