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FNH: New Semiauto M249 (M249S) at NRA Convention

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Or, the Sarah Brady Memorial gun. 

No word on price, but I'd guess it's at least $500 or so.  Times ten. 

The NRA ought to give one away with each life membership sold during the show.  Wouldn't that be...interesting?

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I've not seen or heard any substantiated figures, but my guess is the $5,000 number is, if anything, low.   


The unsubstantiated number I've seen is $8,000 msrp.  


My honest guess would be somewhere in the middle.  Call it $6,500 msrp, and real world price of maybe $5,500 or so. 


If if anyone really wants one, I'd start buying links now.  The 5.56 links are not as plentiful as .30/7.62, and priced accordingly. 

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From the press release:



Figure 3, FN M249S™

SKU / Product Number 56400
Caliber 5.56x45MM NATO
Barrel 20.5″ Cold hammer-forged, chrome-lined, alloy-steel
Twist Rate 1:7″ RH
Color Matte black non-reflective finish on all surfaces
Operation Semi-automatic, closed bolt
Sights Primary sights graduated to 1000 m., MIL-STD 1913 rail system
Stock Fixed, ergonomically-shaped polymer butt stock with pistol grip
Weight (with empty magazine) 17 lbs. (empty)
Length 40.75”
Height 9.5”
Magazine (one each) Belt-fed or standard AR magazine
Trigger Pull 4.5-6.5 lbs.
MSRP $7,999


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If the size has held anyone back, they are now offering a more conveniently stored Para model.  


“The M249S Para is the fourth in our series of classic, semi-automatic FN military rifles and like the Standard, the Para is authentic to the last possible detail,” said John Keppeler, senior vice president of sales and marketing for FN America, LLC. “You’ll notice only two major differences between the semi- and full-auto versions - the barrel length and reconfigured internal components to change the rifle’s operation from open-bolt to closed-bolt. Authenticity was critical in this series and we changed as little as possible.”

The rifle features a machine gun-grade, 16.1-inch, cold hammer-forged barrel, closed bolt for semi-automatic only operation, classic M249 flip-up feed tray, integrated steel bipod, robust gas-piston system, and the iconic telescoping and rotating buttstock, making it lighter and more compact. Rifles will be available in either black or Flat Dark Earth (FDE). Detailed specifications are listed in Figure 1.

Product specifications:

Figure 1: Specifications for the FN M249S Para




Semi-automatic, closed bolt, gas piston


Black or FDE

Overall Length

31.5” – 37”


Rotating, telescoping buttstock assembly with hydraulic recoil buffer system and nonslip buttplate


Formed steel frame with claw extractor design, fixed and pivoting ejector with side ejection of spent cases, top cover with integrated MIL-STD 1913 mounting rail.


200-round ammunition box or 30-round GI-pattern steel magazine


17 lbs.


(1) GI-pattern steel magazine


$8,799 (Black); $9,199 (FDE)


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