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Glock New Product Announcement March 20


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Glock is making a big fuss over this with a countdown clock to a live web TV announcement.

It's probably nothing.

New grip texture. Accessory barrels. Narrowing the rear sight white outline by .001".

I can almost guarantee its not the single stack 9mm or carbine unicorn guns people have predicted from them since about the First World War. But if anyone is already shaking with anticipation:


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The rumors for the single stack nine are getting stronger. At least they are coming from places like holster makers and not "some guy". Maybe it will happen after all.

We even have dimensions posted out there. http://concealednation.org/2015/03/introducing-the-glock-43-glocks-very-first-single-stack-9mm/

It looks like it's a little larger than a Kahr P9.

And slightly heavier.

And holds one less round.

Not that any of that will slow sales.

The story is Glock waited until after SHOT for the announcment because they wanted to have a few million ready to ship.

This made me remember that Glock used to just ship guns then talk later. My local shop had the G26 and G27 months before they were actually announced. Things seemed to have reversed.

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