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Reloading mistake - way too much powder

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It was time to reload shotgun trap loads, so I got my PW progressive press out and set it up.  I knew I had previously reloaded trap loads, so I just filled the shot and powder reservoirs and started reloading.  Something didn't feel right when the first wad was set, too much pressure was required to seat the wad.  I loaded two more shells, but none of them made it around to the final crimp stage.  I took one apart and measured the propellant and was shocked to see the scale read 46 grains!!!!  The load is supposed to have 18.1g.  When I looked at the powder bushing, there was no powder bushing.  I'd forgotten that I removed the bushing the last time I reloaded.  Now I know that the PW press will drop 46 grains of Clays without a powder bushing!  This is the worst reloading mistake I've ever made and will never assume anything again.


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