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New Trijicon: VCOG 1-6x

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I love their TR24 Accupoint (dual illum reticle 1-4X 30mm mostly conventional looking scope). I just bought another used one last week. A lot of tactical cool people like them (I wanted to be like those guys) but wish Trijicon would put an ACOG-style reticle in them. The cynical guess is if they did, they would hurt ACOG sales too much. Perhaps that's right. I think more than a few people would pass over a $1200 fixed power ACOG for a $700-800 variable.

The other wish has been for a 1-6x, since that's doable now.

Well, they sorta got both wishes.

The reticles aren't very ACOG-like, and are a little busy for my taste. I'm not sure if its what people were expecting, but they at least offer some choices.

It's battery (common AA) illuminated instead of tritium and fiber optic.

A great thing about the TR24 is that it was as close to a true 1x at the low end as anything, which makes it easy to use with both eyes open like a red dot. That sounds like a small thing until you do some comparing.

Time will tell if this VCOG works as well there.

August release they say. Trijicon has promised something big was forthcoming at every SHOT Show recently, but it turns out to be something like a compound bow sight or a new exterior finish on ACOGs. Then they pop this on us at the NRA Show with little warning.

I came back to edit in a comment. I was going to estimate that it will probably cost as much as an Accupoint and ACOG combined.

It was planned to be a joke. It couldn't possibly be that much.

It is. MSRP will be $2270. Wowie

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It's just that the price is more than I have spent for any gun. It is nice. 1-6X would be cool.

But my $119 Primary Arms 1-4X at $119 seems really sweet to me.

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