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PMC ammunition


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If you have any ammo left you can check it with a micrometer or decent caliper.

Is there a forum that has some Walther PPQ experts? Maybe they can tell you what ammo the gun dislikes. It happens.

If the ammo can be eliminated - and I am no Walther PPQ expert, first make sure all the simple things are correct. Fully seated mag, clean gun, not over lubed, firm proper grip. IF everything appears well (which I suspect is the case), look for burrs or stuck debris on the extractor and ejector. Check the feedramp and chamber. If that all looks OK it could be the recoil spring reaching the end of it's useful life.

It's interesting, if something like this happens frequently then it's a bit easier to figure out. I have a Sig P238, that stove pipes once every 200-250 rounds. Everything seems perfect with the gun and it happens regardless of ammo brand. I'm going to try a Wolffe 12 pound spring - going by some research saying the stock 11 pound spring is just a hair light.

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I've used PMC and had zero trouble, but it's been a long time. The last century.

Gunsite was using PMC for it's ammo package you could buy with a class, so they thought well of it. However, it has been a couple of years since I've known what they use.

Quality seems to vary with time with all manufacturers. What's OK now might be junk next year, and the junky stuff is OK. I used to see it more with .22 ammo, where the rank from top to bottom shuffled every year or so. Now it's almost a regular thing with all ammo, but seems especially bad with handgun ammo.

A lot of people were theorizing it was due to demand when the shortages hit three years ago, and factories were in too much of a rush. But the demand has dropped and the problem seems no better. Maybe worse.

I seldom buy factory 9mm ammo, but had to buy 200 rounds on the way to a match last weekend. I had three choices of brands, and chose the one I had never had any trouble with- ever.

I had at least 20 malfunctions getting through that 90 round match.

I've shot the gun three times since using other ammo with no malfunctions. I loaded some of the problem ammo and had a malf on the seventh round.

I want to do some more investigating to see if the problem is confined to that gun before I post the name of it.

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PMC kept jamming in my wife's brand new Baretta 92FS.

It also wouldn't lock the slide back on the last round.

Both malfunctions point to low recoil against the new mainspring. The Baretta worked great on Winchester White Box and Speer Gold Dot.

It was the PMC... Which has worked in an older S&W and Glock...but the new gun sure didn't like it..,

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