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Practically Shooting

A Bit Of Shooting Sunday


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Our Niece and her sons came by our home Sunday and my Wife suggested I take them out into the back yard (eat yer hearts out boys) and let our Niece shoot the Wife's Officers 45 Light Weight. An offer the Niece was quick to accept.

Naturally I couldn't stop at letting her try only one gun, so I also carried out my old Remington-Rand early 70's competition gun (quite an entertaining story itself), and my pride and joy bobtail, lightweight, coned bbl, NP3 coated, 38Super.

She and her son (18) ended up shooting probably 300 rounds out of the three guns with both amazed that the little Officers 45 was no more punishing than it is. The grand-nephew was in awe of the old gvt mdl Rem-Ran, I think just because of the Crimson Trace grips (yea, I got em for after dark armadillo extermination, but still pretty neat)! The Niece fell in love with the Super, Gal's got GOOD taste! But while no one's favorite the little Officers was well liked, just overshadowed by awesomeness from the other two.

The younger son (8) isn't quite into the big boomers yet. Next time they're up I'll try to get him hooked up with a variety of 22 revolvers and autos.


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