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We got my wife a "new to her" bolt action custom Mauser conversion in 6.5X55 Swede a few weeks ago, but it was equipped with an old Lyman American scope in 4X. Really classy old gun, engraving, smallish birdseye maple wood, done right.

She wanted more magnification and field of view. In other words, a more modern scope. So we looked about and realized it's d@mned near impossible to find quality glass in a bright blued (anodized) finish! Leupold's about the only game in town. Until we stumbled upon a 10 year old Sheppherd at a gun show a couple weeks ago. I've been using one on my '06 A-Bolt for several years now and love it. We picked up this one for $300, These are now approx $800 new-in-box and Sheppherd says they'll take care of any defects at no cost.

Happier than a pig-in-shizzle over this one!


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