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Hello, old BITOGER, new here


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Hello all. I've meant to join this forum for a long time, but somehow just didn't until recently. All that pesky real life keeps getting in the way, it seems. grin

I post on BITOG under my real name- Stuart Hu....- did that *Way* back when, before I realized that it might not be such a good idea.

I'm about to try to put receiver sights on 2 traditional-type lever actions- will post about them on other sections here. One centerfire, one rimfire.

Read most of the articles, & then thought I should say hello. Nice forum here, well run as I'd expect from the grownups who predominate at "that oil forum". cheers2

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... just a bit, mate!

I'm best with a shotgun!

When I lived in England I shot skeet and sporting clays at a National level. I then took up hand-guns at that time I had an S&W .357 Magnum and an S&W .44 Magnum (the long barrel 'dirty harry' style). But then, some nutter in Scotland decided to kill a load of children in a school in Dunblaine so the Government decided to ban ALL hand-guns which were confiscated. You now carry a hand-gun with a risk of 5 years imprisonment. Of course, as a result of this, gun crime actually increased because the only people who have got the guns are the 'wrong' people!!! Whereas the average person has no means to defend themselves. Makes no sense! Lessons learned.

I currently own a Walther PPQ 9mm. It's a nice comfortable gun to get back into the sport with and a useful home defense firearm.

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