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Jack West stock on 870 won't stay tight

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I've had a Jack West adjustable stock on my 870 for a couple years now.

Other than having a custom wood stock made, the Jack West stock is the best option I've found for the 870.

I would have to tighten the screw that holds the stock to the receiver about every 6 months. For some reason it just wouldn't stay tight. I have never applied Loctite to the thread, but this might have helped.

A couple weeks ago I noticed the stock coming loose again, so I disassembled it and decided to try to figure out why it won't stay tight. What I observed is that the threads on the original screw only had about 1/4" of thread contact. My guess is that 1/4" just isn't enough thread engagement to keep from working loose. I googled around and found a 10.75" Remington stock bolt at Brownells and ordered it.

The thread contact length is now 3/4", which is almost the full length of the threaded nut in the receiver. I applied blue Loctite to the threads, which should help as well.

Hopefully between the longer screw and the Loctite, I won't have to re-tighten the stock again.

If you have a Jack West stock, make sure you have a 10.75" stock screw.


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