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Heat treating cast bullets


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I am on a quest to reduce the amount of leading with my cast 45ACP bullets. I believe my WW lead is about 10 BH, which I think is the main reason I'm having so much trouble with leading. I've been loading with Universal Clays at the max load and the leading is really bad. I can load the same bullet with a known BH of 15 and leading is nonexistent. The Lee second edition manual says that at the max pressure for a 45ACP, the lead will need to be at BH of about 16. According to the Los Angeles Silhouette Club's website if you heat treat WW lead for 60 min at 400F you can achieve a BH of 15 after a few days of sitting.

Has anyone tried heat treating WW lead?


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Wayne, I used to do a lot of heat treating, I went back and looked at my notes. Using an conventional electric oven at 450F I would heat the bullets for 1hr then quench. After 2 days I would get a BH of 20-22.

This is using WW lead and the bullets were between 9 and 10 BH before heat treating.

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