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New Ruger 10/22

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I just purchased a new 10/22. It's the basic model, wood stock, Blued barrel. $229.00 at Cabelas.

I'll probably pick it up this weekend, and I know I need to clean it before use.. for those of you with 10/22's is there any "gotchas" that I need to know about?

I did do some google searches and the only gotcha I can find is moving the safety into the middle position before removing the stock. Anything else I need to know that's not in the mini instruction manual?

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I have heard some claim the aluminum alloy receiver's finish was taken off by some cleaning solvents. I have no idea what they used, and have never actually seen one to verify it even happened. They could have used anything from Windex to lighter fluid to RP-1/LOX rocket fuel. But, you might want to test whatever you use on a non-visible area to be safe.

I'm pretty sure the 10-22 Magnums had steel receivers, where this would not apply...if it actually does with standard ones.

Excuse my skepticism on this, but without ever having seen this with my own eyes...well. Still, it's nothing I'd want to happen, so I'm passing it along anyway.

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Good Morning. I don't think I'm into modifying the little guy too much, but one thing that really annoys me on this gun is the little lever to hold the bolt open, which is the same lever to close the bolt once it's been locked open. That thing is TINY! It took the salesmen a good 5mins to figure out how it worked to show me..

I will probably purchase the "Automatic Bolt Release" for it: http://www.midwayusa.com/viewProduct/?productNumber=688102

Can you show me pictures of your little 10/22? Have you done anything interesting with it?

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I haven't done anything to my current 10/22 either, which is kind of odd because I had the second heavy-barreled one I ever saw. This was around 1987-88, and one of the guys in the club brought one to a meeting he had adapted an old target rifle barrel to. I thought it was really neat so I did one too. Shilen had just started selling the barrels. An employee of the range I used was a .22 nut and made one soon after, and those three were the only three I saw for a while.

That may be the only time I was part of leading a trend. I wouldn't have guessed that at the time, because most people looked at mine and thought I was an idiot to mess up a handy little rifle.

Mine was traded off for something in the mid-90s when I returned to Indiana and could carry a handgun again, and focused on buying/trading for them again for a while.

I was 10/22-less until my dad died seven years ago and I got the one I bought him for Christmas one year. It's a plain standard model with nothing changed, and I hadn't even taken it out of the box until maybe two weeks ago. Other than thinking about getting a scope base so it will have a sight I can see, I don't have much desire to mess around with it.

Maybe it was more fun back when it was harder to modify one due to a lack of ready-made goodies. It's more fun when nobody's doing it.

Now, I have wanted to do some things to one of my Browning takedown .22s. There was an article in a magazine about 35 years ago where they adapted a heavy barrel to one that I still think about from time to time...

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I got the parts in the mail last week, and just installed them yesterday. The first impression was I can't believe I spent $40 on what I received. (maybe I'm becoming a cheap arse in my old age?)

After installing the auto bolt release, my mind has been changed. I can't believe Ruger just didn't do this straight from the factory. It's fantastic!

Wayne: Thanks for the Threadlocker tip, I've done that as well. I can't wait to hit the rage sometime this week to try it all out!

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The thing that bothers me most about the Ruger bolt stop is knowing they can do better!

I don't shoot a 10-22 regularly, so I have to relearn the thing after a dry spell. After the first time or two of fiddling with it I usually get along with it, but I always wonder why they stick with it. I can't believe the extra cost of switching to an auto release wouldn't be worth it. It might cost them an extra 40 cents each. I'd much rather see that than some other extra cost changes they have made, like hi-viz sights and stocks laminated of ugly colors.

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