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STI International 2011


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It's been a day for reading American Hangunner articles. This article about STI International 2011 really piqued my curiosity about the 2011 platform. I have been thinking about a purchasing a 1911 chambered in 9mm, but the 2011 does seem to have some bennefits in weight and capacity. Anyone own/owned a 2011? I would be curious what your impressions/opinions are.


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As Hittman said, IPSC/USPSA is full of them. I've never seen a 2011 I'm 9mm that I know of though. There is no USPSA class I can think of where a hi-cap single action 9mm offers any advantage.

I like STI guns (in addition to the 2011) but I still have reservations about 9mm 1911s from any maker. Quite simply, I dont think the 1911 works as well with cartridges shorter than 45ACP length. The 38 Super class rounds work because the Super is close in length. The 10MM seems to feed fine for the same reason. When the USPSA Limited shooters use .40 1911s, they load to around 10MM length, which is another way if saying they load to 45ACP length.

But the 9mm 1911s I see in IDPA (there is a class they fit well in) often fiddle around with them some to get them reliable. They almost always end up with the Springfield/Metalform 9MM magazine that has a feed ramp built into the front edge. It apparently helps, and takes care of most of it, but not quite all from what I can see.

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