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Happy Anniversary to Me


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Very happy to be joining the community. Also very happy with my beautiful bride's taste in choosing my anniversary gift. She must like me at least a little bit because I wound up with a Sig P229 with Hogue grips and a couple extended magazines. Not too shabby huh? We picked it up this morning and will be at the range tomorrow. I think I'll keep her around for another 10 years. Oh, and the wife can stay too.


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Thanks guys. Just shot my present at the range this morning for the first time. Fantastic! The double to single action isn't too big a deal to get used to. Very nice trigger and feel in the hand. I shot 50 of these first 75 so I can't blame all the not so great shots on DiAnna:


I really like this gun and we had a great time time shooting and comparing the 3 guns we brought. We put 100 rounds each through; my 229, her Sig p238 "Lady", and my Ruger MK III 22/45. All so different but each with its own great attributes.

Anyone with any tips, tricks, pros, cons, or comments on any of these guns, I'd love to hear them. Thanks.

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