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Ruger SP101 .22 Caliber Coming Back, With Twists


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When the SP101 came out in .38, I thought it would make a neat .22 with a 4-6" barrel. When they did make it in .22 after a year or so they made it mostly in 3" with that goofy rear sight adjustable for deflection only, not elevation, which is where the variation often is with .22 ammo. Then they dropped the .22 caliber completely a year or two back.

Now the .22 is back in the SP101. Ruger number KSP-242-8

It will have a 4.2" barrel.

It will have fully adjustable sights.

It will hold eight rounds.

It will have a fiber optic front sight.

Four out of five ain't bad (fiber optic sights are easy to see...until the tube breaks and falls out).


I like it. I can replace the front sight easily enough.

Suggested retail and arrival date? Why bother, neither will be close to the real world.

Now an alum alloy framed SP101 .22, should that ever happen, might replace my BearCat.

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I bought one of these a couple of months ago and I like it for the most part. The double-action pull is mighty stiff, probably around 14 lbs. or so- about like a garage door spring. Single-action is real sweet as are on most Ruger revolvers, probably no more than five pounds at most and a very clean break.

I enjoy shooting it after about 100 rounds out of my SP101 .357; like a cap gun in comparison!

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