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New Winchester stuff downunder.


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Winchester "Power Points" has been pretty popular down here for ages and ages.

Tend not to get used at the club, as the High velocity stuff is pretty annoying compared to the T22s, Lapua, and CCI blue box, and the subs do better in the wind.

I've found the 40gr Win hollowpoint subs pretty good on rabbits before, but not really that great on paper.

Winchester have just released a new set onto the Oz market.

42 Max series, both 42 gr, one quicky (42 MAX Power Point, 1275fps), and one subsonic (42 MAX subsonic, 1055fps).

Local gun rag has tried them, and got around 0.8" at 55 yards for the quickies, and 0.65 for the subs.

Winchester are offering free sample packs at dealers...sample being 5 rounds LOL.

Will have to get some...a decent accuracy heavyish weight subsonic HP answers all of my questions.

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I like the Power Points. Their availablity has been somewhat sporadic here (I hear the PPs are all Aussie-made but don't know for sure).

Winchester had a "Super Silhouette" load for a short time in the mid-90s that I liked. It had a slightly heavier bullet than normal, so sounds a lot like the higher velocity variety of the new Max series. If the new stuff really is like the old SS, it should shoot well. I liked it, and am down to about half a box.

So I would be happy indeed if I could get some more, or close to it. Thanks for the news.

The old SS must not have been publicized much, because it was rare to run into anyone who had heard of it back when it was being made, even among silhouette shooters. It only came in 100-Rd boxes that I know of.

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