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FEG PJK-9HP questions for JayPee


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Just got this FEG after owning a couple PA-63's. I saw Wolff offered several variable recoil spring replacements and the FN standard springs. Which of the FEG specific variables do you like or do you prefer the FN standards? Is there such a thing as a Manual or disassembly guide other than what's available for the FN? I have the early Browning action version and note the sear lever is held in with a roll pin unlike the FN-does it make much difference if you drive the pin out left to right or right to left? Thanks

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Hello Sir,

First of all I understand we are talking about the FEG PJK-9HP single action pistol with the FN/Browning Hi Power operating system in it. I have to plead ignorance to one of your questions - I have never used a variable spring and don't know anything about them. Sorry.

And assuming we're talking about the recoil spring, I have used both the standard 17 pound Browning Hi Power spring from Browning Arms, and I have also used the Wolff 18.5 extra power recoil spring for use with higher pressure ammunition (+P, etc.). They all work just fine in my PJK 9HP's.

On the removal of the sear lever roll pin, I usually drive it out with the correct pin punch from (looking down on the top of the slide)right to left. You don't need to drive it out all the way, just enough for the sear lever to fall out. I have never seen a FEG Hi Power or Hi Power style pistol with a solid pin in this application. Ya got me on that one.

Yes, there is a very good disassembly manual available for $10 plus $2 shipping. You can find ordering instructions at http://www.hipowersandhandguns.com/Disassembly%20Guide.htm.

You really can't go wrong with this particular disassembly guide. Its author, Stephen A. Camp passed away in late May, but I am informed that his family will continue sales as long as supplies last. Best wishes and I'm sorry for the tardy reply. I hope this information is helpful.


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OK, it's clearing up--the Wolff web site shows variable springs for the FEG R-9 which I mistook for the PJK-9HP. I'll probably try the FN 17 lb standard when I order again from Wolff. I took the FEG out today for it's first test and am pleased with it. I appreciate the lead on the disassembly guide. Thanks for your help.

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