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Spares Kit (Save Your 100-rd .22 Ammo Boxes)


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As much as I would like to take credit for this idea, I can't. I can't remember who showed me this either, so I can't pass on the credit. If you shoot a brand of .22 ammo that comes in the long 100-rd box,like CCI or some Winchester, keep those empty boxes. They make dandy containers for spare parts.

They fit in whatever you use to carry your range gear in, even if it's your back pocket. You may never need anything in it, but you might, and it beats having to quit early.

This one happens to be setup for the 1911, but they work for about anything. One for everything you shoot much would be best. There are things in there I can't imagine ever needing, but I had the room, so they went in.

This is a ratty old barrel with a bore rough as a cob, so I'm not too worried about storing steel parts in it. That's a recoil spring guide, a firing pin, and firing pin spring. The guide is a good example of something I've never needed but it takes up no more room so it might as well go.

The breech end of the barrel has an Ed Brown small parts set rolled up in it's bag and stuffed inside. This is every pin in the gun and every spring except the recoil and sear springs.

An Ed Brown extractor is rolled up in it's bag and stored in a recoil spring plug. I saw a guy launch his plug over the berm into the weeds once, so a spare might be handy. The trigger and hammer get dropped in alongside at one end (hammer inside the trigger bow), the plug at the other, and the sear spring sort of fits in among them.

I need to add a firing pin stop plate. I've seen them crack a couple of times. It is so small I could put a couple in. If I could figure out how to fit a recoil spring in there, I would.

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Good idea. I tend to keep such parts in 4 mil zip locks or little cloth bags with pull strings (of various sizes collected over the years). I store my magazines inside Crown Royal bags and hang them in my safe. I mist the outside of the bags with preservative Rem oil (the good kind with VCI not regular lousy Rem Oil)

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