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Ocasionally one of the shiny ones catches my attention and I just can't live without it.

Case in point;

Not new. Has a couple very minor blemishes and a turn line. No box or papers. I'm guessing what I paid to be a bargain in approx 2014, since you only buy Colts too early instead of paying too much!:)


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Nice! At first look, all I thought of was the 1975 Colt Catalog that I got when I was a kid and studied until it fell apart. There must have been a nickel DS in there.

I like the Colt D-frames and still kick myself for trading off the .38 Cobra I had. It was no easier to carry than a K-frame S&W, so I let it go, but it was a stupid accurate snubby with a nice trigger.

I have been wanting a Detective Special for a while now. I'd want blued because I can see the sights better, but if I ran across a nice nickel one like that one, I know I'd grab it.

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