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Practically Shooting

New guy from PA


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Howdy. I'm new here, just joined the other day. I'd like to stick around, though it seems a little dead here. Maybe that's just my timing.:)

I shoot all BP historical weapons, original and repro. With the exception of a couple pistols, I stick to millitary issued only and cast all my ammo. I try to keep a little history alive.;) When I'm not fixing cars or old games/computers, you might see me at some CW reenactments. I do a couple on a part-time basis.

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Welcome to our slowly but surely growing forum! It is a bit slow, but it takes time to grow any web forum from scratch.

Do you have any youtubes of your reenactments?


I don't have any personally, but someone might've got me. The last major battle one I did was '03 Gettysburg and got shot with a ramrod someone forgot in the gun frown I do mostly smaller living history type and demonstrations for kids, etc. I specialize in the use and function of the weapons from that period, but dabble in even earlier stuff. smile

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Here's an album from my latest event. This time I was assigned as bodyguard (aide de camp) to Longstreet's 1st corps ANV. There are a few shots of incorrect stuff in camp, but it didn't take away from the purpose. This wasn't a reenactment of an actual battle, but more of a tactical simulation of the era.


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