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Old, but still Interesting


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Recently found this old Colt M1917 revolver. My guess would be; smuggled home, then stuck in less than ideal storage conditions for decades. When someone noticed heavy surface rust a buddy blew it off in his sand-blast cabinet, then right back into storage.

She's solid as a brick, amazingly un-buggered screws, perfect lockup and timing, and shoots like a house-on-fire!

Unfortunately, they even sandblasted the grips!

Next week she's headed to Berryvile AR to Metaloy Industries for hard chrome with black ejector rod, cyl release, hammer, and trigger.

Having a buddy who is in Berryville monthly and can pick up and deliver without outrageous shipping is quite a bit of incentive to send her there.


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Very cool. The gun could tell any one of a thousand life stories.

Looks like a fairly low serial number; are the chambers bored all the way through or do they have a ledge for individual cases to seat on? I know they changed that at some point, but don't know when that was.

I can believe you that it shoots well. I don't think I've heard of an M1917 that didn't come to think about it. I don't have one but have a Colt New Service, which is pretty much the same thing. While mine is far from the mechanical condition you describe, it shoots fairly well in spite of it. The heavy DA pull was from when men were manlier, though.

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