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Loaded 1000 rounds of 9mm this past weekend

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For .308 rifle and 45 ACP, I started out with a Lee Loader and a plastic mallet to pound the cases into the sizing die, pound in the primers and pound in the bullets! I have a single stage press I've used for years but it makes for long nights in the basement churning out rounds. Overall, what are your thoughts on the progressive press you have? I have also been checking out a Dillon press.


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Hats off to you reloading with the Lee Loader! I seriously don't think I would have that kind of patients..

For progressive presses, I've owned the Lee Loadmaster and a Hornady Lock-n-Load AP. I loaded about 15,000 45ACP with the Lee before I gave up on the priming mechanism. I would have between 3 and 6 crushed primers out of 100. I could write a book about what I did to modify the press to make the primer feeder work. It's my opinion that it is simply a bad design. I gave the press and everything that when with it to a friend of mine. I hope someday he'll speak to me again.. :-)

I have loaded about 4,000 with the Hornady, both 9mm and .223 Rem. I can't say enough good about the Hornady. The primer feeder has flipped or crushed exactly zero primers - it just works! The ability to easily take the brass out at any station is really a huge plus. The powder measure is also much more consistent than the Lee.

I've never reloaded on the Dillon, but I did own a 550b for a couple days.. :-)


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While I'm sure the Lee Loaders make good ammo, and I would kinda like to have a couple in case of emergency, I always think of this when I see or hear about one-

When I was about 15 and wanting to start reloading, I was looking for a used Lee Loader. A used one. A new one was something like $12-14 then, so by me wanting to find a used one you can guess how little money I had. I checked in gun shops when I could, and at one I asked at, I got the following response:

"If you want to get frustrated and fed up with reloading real fast, get a Lee Loader".

I'm sure he saw the skinny teenager in front of him as having zero patience like most teenagers. The truth is I had more patience then than now, but it was still probably good advice. I never regretted that I saved up several months and bought a Rockchucker.

I was just as happy when I bought the Dillon 550 in 1992.

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