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Nikon Coyote Special scope


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It's time to pick a scope for this AR15 I just bought.

Since the primary use for the rifle will be hunting yotes and general plinking I'm considering this Nikon Coyote Special. I'm sure the scope will work just fine for my stated main purposes. I do shoot prairie dogs, which I use a Leupold VX3-6.5x20x40LR with the varmint hunter's reticle on another AR. I'm wondering if the graduated circle reticle of the Nikon scope would work well enough for the much smaller prairie dogs are 200-400 yards? I have my doubts that the circles will work nearly as well as the Leupold varmint hunter's reticle on small PD's...


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I have a hard time liking any Nikon scope. I've got one but it's not the particular model you're looking at and I just can't like it. Of the many scopes in the vault room, it's by far the worst. I do not like the side focus. I've become lazy I guess and having to jack with for every shot is just plain stupid. My others just set it and forget it but not the Nikon. It's not near as clear as some of the cheap scopes and forget low light conditions. Mine is 4.5-14 power. I have a Burris of the same power that is much, much clearer and will go easily into low light conditions. I like it much better than the more expensive Leupolds that I have. I even like the cheap Millett 6-18 scope I bought for less than $70.00 than any Nikon I've ever looked thru. The Millett is another one- set the focus and forget it. It far, far clearer than any Nikon and works in low light. I'd keep looking before buying a Nikon.

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