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Cabela's "Pine Ridge" scopes

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Anyone have success or failures with the Cabela's Pine Ridge scopes?

They were unloading them for a song in a clearance catalog. I bought one (2x7)out of curiosity to put on my Remington Genesis ML. I've been using the fiber-optic sights that came with the gun, but wanted a scope for further distance.

Perhaps I scored a great deal; perhaps I got whipped. Won't know until it gets here and I try to sight it in.

Was just wondering if others had good/bad experiences with the brand.

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Received and mounted over the weekend.

Decent scope. 2.5 x 7 in power; enough for ML deer hunting in the woods.

Seems to hold it's zero well. Clarity is OK. Light transmission is a bit weak once you start to loose the ambient lighting.

Not bad for $39.99 on sale, including the rings and mounts!

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I, too, can find nothing on the subject.

For the price, you have to suspect Tasco or Bushnell, right? But no confirmation anywhere I can find.

Most of the Pine Ridge products go anywhere from (sale) prices in the $40 (like the one I got), to up to around $250? That fits neatly in the the two brands I mentioned.

And likely made off shore in a developing country.

However, all that said, I can't fault my $39.99 scope with rings and mounts included. For my shot range (less than 100 yards), it has held zero and should perform fine.

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