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Practically Shooting

Just Dropped In,,


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Been off pluttering around on a couple other gun forums (and FaceBook). Though I'd drop in see wazzup!

Pabs and I might have been running some sort of competition (had either of us known of the others endeavors) at "a gun each week thru the winter"! t-up

Noticed someone else had a biach about the gestapo mods on the M1911 forum. I can understand wanting to stay family friendly, and don't have a problem with it. Being a bit of a troublemaker, I've always got to bend the rules just a bit! I got 2 or three warnings about stuff that would fly on BITOG, or most aywhere else finally, the one where I told em to go ahead and bann me was this;




They warned me that while I didn'nt use the censored word every one woud know what I meant!


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I got automatic emails from there two different times warning me. I have no idea why. Both times I asked why, and the mods could not find the reason and put me back on good boy status or whatever they do. Small nuisance I guess, but still a nuisance. I seldom go there anymore. I'm not sure why now come to think of it, but I don't think that was the reason unless it was subconsciously.

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Glad ya dropped by. I can always use another guys experience with the steel. It was probably me that had the issues at the "other" website. I really didn't like the site anyway. I thought there was a lot of arrogance and down talking from a select few that was not tolerated from the general masses. Regardless, make sure to put this site on yer daily travels. Hopefully we can get this thing mojivin' and learn from each other.

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Welcome back!!

I almost bought a gun today at the WAC gun show in Puyallup. An EAA Witness 10mm, NIB, 4.5" barrel. It felt really nice, etc. $387.

As for M1911.org - I've yet to get a warning there. But I can see by the layers of rules and penalty points, they mean business grin:spank:laugh

Here's a question: Where is G-man??


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