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Glock gen 4


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Just finished my (6th) Glock Armorers recert this week.

The gen 4 weapons (currently the 22 and 17) are pretty nice. Some upgrades that include backstrap options, etc. Most of the changes were due to issues with .40 cal. But, the changes will eventually cascade down the entire product line. Glock's position is that all the upgrades, while not needed on many models, will be standard eventually on all models, for a sake of consistency.

Glocks are the small-block-Chevy of the pistol world. They are so prevelant that they are almost boring to talk about. But they are ultra-reliable and one of the best designed products in the market place. Personal preferences may lead you to choose a different weapon, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But from an engineering standpoint, you cannot beat the design and manufacture.

I did learn something new in this class I was unaware of until now. Did you know that the Glock is designed to, and will, function properly, even if the trigger spring breaks during a shooting event? I didn't think it was true, but upon teardown and analysis, it is indeed true! And to PROVE this point, we literally took out the trigger spring, re-assembled the gun, hand cycled the action, and were able to repeatedly "fire" the weapon with every pull of the trigger from it's reset position. Try that with it's competitors!

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