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What guns chamber the 357 Sig?


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The P226 and 239 can be had in 357 Sig also. Maybe more.

I had a 229 and 239 in 357 Sig. Accurate and good ballistics, but loud and not the easiest cartridge to reload.

For whatever reason, even though it's around the same speed in better loads, the 38 Super doesn't seem as loud to me. It's sure easier to reload. But a 38 Super won't fit in a 9/40 size gun like the 357 Sig will, if that is important to you.

I want to get a 9x23 sometime. I've seen a few being shot, and it's pretty...exciting.

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My bro has a Sig 2340 that has the 357Sig barrel. Shoots fairly decent but it's no match gun. If you intend to reload for it, you might wanna research the PIA that it is. Not all bullets will work with those of a longer profile not working at all because of COL. The actual correct bullet diameter is .3555 which means there are few of the correct diameter. The best powders are those that fill the case 100% or near it as the bullets have a tendency to fall into the case when seating them. It's due to the extremely short neck of the case. Frankly, while I load his ammo, I don't think there are any advantages of having one over any other round. I believe that the 357 SIG will soon be gone and be just a blip in shooting history. Most of the gunshops around here don't even carry ammo for it even though the LEOs use it for their carry arm. Here's some reading for you:


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Probably won't end up buying one for practical reasons, but wow thanks for all the answers. Great reloading link!

I know my buddy with a Glock 23 .40 can buy the 357 Sig barrel as well. A changeable barrel could make the whole thing a bit more palatable I suppose.

Yeah I may end up buying a 357 B&D revolver instead. Six rounds will be kind of limiting with zombies at the range though..... gringrin I KID _ I KID!!

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Originally Posted By: Pablo
Yeah I may end up buying a 357 B&D revolver instead.

So do you know of one for sale, or were you gonna have one custom built, because you cant just go buy one off the shelf?

I WAS joking. Not legal at my INDOOR range. If I were to do such a thing I would have an extra cylinder for my Ruger convertible bored out.... t-up

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