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Pachmayr SIG Sauer P-225 Grips


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Got a sale set of Pachmayr rubber grips. My first Pachmayrs and I am quite impressed. Made in USA.

If there is one thing I didn't like about the SIG was the plasticy oily slippery stock grips. I can honestly say the SIG just came to life in my hand, so much better to hold. Near perfect really. I was going to get wood, but these were close to $20, and wood is $79-$100+ for a $300 pistol...hmm...I say if you have a low cost P225, these will make it a high value 9mm!

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Truthfully, I don't usually like Pachmayrs on semiautos, feeling they are too thick (I call them steel belted radials) and grab my clothing when carried concealed. But now that you mention it, the P225 grip could use a little more shape to it's cross section. I like my carry guns flat, but it might be a bit too flat, if there can be such a thing. And you said you aren't going to carry it anyway.

What I'm so awkwardly trying to say is: I think that particular gun/grip combo would make a good feeling, well shaped, grip for shooting.

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I guess I'm weird. I like the hard stocks on my P6/P225. crazy

Not weird, just a touchy feely personal thing. I dislike hard slippery grips, I like a good sharp bite with medium underlayment. These Pachy's are exactly that. I certainly would not like them if they were too squishy.

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