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Llama 1911 .45acp value?


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Originally Posted By: Pablo
Camu - love you dude!! Those are sweet. I'm like a wood on gun junkie.....are those from Esmeralda?

Yes Yes of course they are hers...I really dig 'em!

Pablo did you see the Ed Brown Kobra I linked? Imagine those grips on the stainless Kobra. One day my friend...one day...

What link? Where? Don't do this to me!! grin

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I have yet to find a compact 1911-type that I would trust, ....

My compact Rock Island 1911 shoots fine, I don't carry it - it's too big, but I would no have problems trusting it if I did.

The full size RIA is a good shooter as well. I have a "better" 1911, but I always shoot one of the RIA's. They seem just fine to me, a non sophisticate, and are fun to shoot.

I don't think a person has to spend a lot of money to enjoy a reliable, good shooting, 1911.

edit: I guess I should add that my "better" 1911 is a Colt WWI replica, the 1918 model. That's probably as close to a true 1911 as it gets these days.

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  • 4 months later...

I just joined this forum for the purpose of reading about the Marlin 795 22lr and I stumbled accross this comment and picture of the Llama 45 auto.

Recently....as recent as Fathers day 2011,I went to the range with my daughter that was home from Ohio State University.

I happen to own(or did own a Llama 45)and had it with us along with other weapons.

Briefly...my backround with weapons is approximately 35 years....counting military time and 15 months in VietNam with USMC.I have shot or operated maybe 15-20 different weapons and sharpshooter with my favorite the Colt 1911, and never had anything EXTROIDINARY happen as did with that Llama 45 auto on tha Fathers day.

To this day I continue to wonder why I am still here...or why I still have a face. After reading many posts and comments on this forum I can take great value in all offered opinions and ideas.I will supply photos which are self explanitory however Please feel free to use my email address. I will welcome anybody who would like to comment or know more about what I experienced AND WILL SUPPLY A PHOTO

FYI: This Llama 45 was an inherited weapon. I have shot this weapon 30 times over the past 15 years and cycling probably 800 rounds through it. I also own a COLT 45 auto and never had anything go wrong with it since I got it in 1975.

Also the gentleman that made the statement

not to pay more then $250.00 dollars for this pistol
just may retract that opinion after seeing the photos!

Personally......I wouldn't pay $2.50 for this weapon!


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I have to thank Wayne for getting this photo on for me!

I know the first thing everybody that see's this photo will say,"SQUIB"....nothing else! Maybe/Maybe not.

When it jammed the slide jammed with it. For 18 hours I wondered whether the round cleared he barrel.Next day...I seen the round still in the barrel but had to cut the slide in order to get the barrel out and even then it was hard to get out after cutting. The round had went off and cleared the barrel.....But I couldn't get the brass out because the barrel exploded and split.

I still wonder whether it was a "SQUIB" or bad ammo!

I really don't think I'd ever own or buy any Llama weapons again soon anytime!.....EVER!

In closing I'd like to say I took this Llama apart and I have many really good parts.

If anybody is interestd email me! junkyrddawg@msn.com

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I don't know how it could ever be determined, but yes, the appearence does suggest a squib. I think both projectiles (the stuck one and the one pushing it out) usually leave the barrel, even if the barrel blows. Inertia/objects in motion staying in motion carries them on out I guess.

A shooter had a squib at last weekend's 3-gun match and I was ten feet away watching him and didn't catch the sound difference. I guess sometimes the noise difference isn't much. The RO was on top of things and yelled "STOP!" in time to save a split barrel.

I always worry about it happening in one of my subguns. Thats where I've seen it happen most, and I haven't been to that many MG shoots. It's awful hard to stop before the next round when they're coming that fast.

Maybe that's why I almost always shoot two and three round bursts.

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Thanks for your input! You are probably right!But that day at the range...it was busy and a guy and his son was sighting in a combat tact 223 to my left and it was loud! Plus I had ear plugs in. Then the guy to my right with his daughter firing Glock 9's. Usually I can hear the squib but even that time "no primer smoke at all" but its the lack of or very weak recoil you notice most with 45 acp.

There is another picture of one in this same forum 2 or 3 topics down named "blown 45 auto barrel" and I swear it looks just like a Llama 45 barrel...but that one is in pieces. I left a comment asking "who made the weapon"

Anyway thanks again!

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Yeah, with all that going on at the range, I can see how you wouldn't hear any difference. I'm still wondering how I didn't hear that one last Saturday at the match.

I would have thought it wouldn't be that way, but with the couple of squibs I've had, I'm pretty sure I heard them more than felt them. I'm not sure if I've had it happen in anything more than 9mm though.

I doubt I had more than two or three ever, before getting into a bad batch of primers about two years ago which gave me 15 or 20 that summer They were Small Pistol primers, so every one happened in 9mm and I think I heard more than felt them. Until then, it was one of those things I seem to see, more than have happen to me for some reason, so I didnt have much to go on.

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Thought I'd ask you....Do you or can you reccommend a retail sporting goods store or a place or private seller where I can get a honest price on another COLT 45 ACP 1911. I have a 70's series and I want to get another 70's series so I have "twins"(twins) OR another type Colt 45 auto...maybe 80's series or even the 1991 production!

I got the first Colt 45 acp WAY befor the internet explosion....like 1975.

Anyway just thought I'd throw it out there!


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You might check Gunbroker. There are usually some of everything on there, new or used, common or unusual. The only online firearms retailer I've dealt with much has been Bud's Gun Shop.

The problem is that finding any Colt is not always easy because their supply is so spotty. Most gun shops around here will have a period of a couple of months where they have a reasonable stream of Colts coming in, then they will have a stretch where they won't have any at all and that might last for months on end.

My regular gun shop is one of the best stocked ones around here, and I never know if they will have any at all. I bought a new Colt .38 Super there in 2008, and it was the first new Colt pistol I had seen there in nearly two years. They got a few more in after that, then I didn't see any for a year, when they got a couple of Delta Elites in. They got a few more of those, then nothing for maybe eight months or so, and then all if a sudden they actually had a reasonable Colt assortment on hand for a year or a little over. That was the first time they had many Colts on a regular basis since the mid 90s. Lately I haven't been in there much, but Colts were looking scarce again.

It's like Colt makes some guns whenever they feel like it, and then only until they get bored with it. I always hear it has to do with big contracts (usually military) getting priority, but I haven't seen that the pattern follows that very closely.

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