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Shotgun defense class tomorrow

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I made the mistake of waiting until the day before the shotgun class to go buy shells. I wound up having to go to three stores to find buckshot and slugs. I went to Dick's first and the only buckshot they had was 3" magnum and the only slugs they had were those expensive sabboted kind. So I went to Academy. They didn't have any slugs and only 3" magnum buckshot. So I wound up at Wal-Mart and they had what I wanted: regular slugs and non-magnum 00 buck.

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Hopefully, for the sake of your budget, it will mostly be birdshot. In the last shotgun class I had (Louis Awerbuck), we shot maybe 10-15 slugs (confirming zeroes and checking drop at various distance)and perhaps five buckshot shells (patterning) over three days. The rest, maybe 300 rounds or so, was all birdshot, banging steel plates around.

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