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New (to me) Gun Shop - Rem 1911 and Sig P225


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I went to West Coast Armory yesterday. Nice, orderly shop but not really huge - however good with supplies. Ammo very expensive - other stuff, very low and gun prices the lowest in the area.

I fondled a few guns after paying for the 22/45.

Various 1911's. All seemed nice from the low end imports to the $2000+ models. Got to touch the NEW Remington 1911. Smooth, well made gun. The slide styling is not my cup of tea, but the ~$600 price range for a .45 is very well taken.

On down to the 9mm case, no used P225, but they had a NEW one. Sig have started to import them again the keeper said. Just the same as mine - they do look nicer new naturally, but the price was over $700. Wow - my used one suddenly seemed nicer!!

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I didn't know they were bringing P225s in. I truthfully didn't think they ever would, the P239 more or less replacing it. And now with the new P290 coming in, I'd think Sig would feel they had the single stack nine area covered.

But I'm glad, because I kinda like 'em.

Since you've handled at least two P225s lately:

How is the DA trigger pull? I'm asking because the DA trigger on the P225 I had was pretty heavy and stiff- much heavier than the other Sigs I had then (I still have two). I was told that P225s are just that way, but I never knew if that was really the case.

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That's about how my 225 was. Maybe that is how they are. I don't know why though, as every other Sig I owned had a DA trigger that was at least decent (for DA) if not good (for DA), with the P239 being especially good. That 225's DA trigger was more PPK-like than Sig-like.

You don't plan on carrying your P225?

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DA? Like pulling a Hummer through a key hole. It would be some pretty weird circumstance that I would ever use this pistol in DA, so it doesn't really matter to me.

If the gun is used as a duty or carry weapon, hammer down on a loaded chamber is the way to carry it. That means the first shot is DA unless you take the time to cock the hammer.

One of the things I lecture on at the SC Gun School is limiting your liability for CWP holders. Cocking a gun that is capable of being fired DA is one way to increase your liability in a CWP shooting.

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