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Practically Shooting

Anyone buy this giant spam can?


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I wouldn't shoot it through my Glock but then again I shoot 8mm that was loaded in the late forties and early fifties through my Mauser...I don't know if there is any ammo besides black powder that is dirtier than the corrosive military surplus. Some reason though I wouldn't shoot that stuff in my Glock it's just too iffy in quality and I would rather spend that kind of money on reloading equipment and supplies...of which I need to start doing...

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That stuff isn't milsurp.

I never meant to imply that it was...

I was saying I wouldn't shoot it but yet I shoot corrosive milsurp.

It's Russian steel case. I know exactly what it is. There are three or four Russian companies that make or sell it. I get confused when keeping track of the manufacturers over there...I had heard that Herter's at Cabela's was/is the same stuff as this Tula that linked by the OP.

I was thinking about ordering some Brown Bear in .223 because it is cheap but decided against it as I would rather spend a bit more and shoot ammo that is local to me. So I bought Hornady and Black Hills.

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That's what I was thinking. The 44 mag is brass and are nice, so it's a deal.

I have some more ammo on the way. I have a nice stash cache. I'm ready too shoot, come on spring! I didn't get to the indoor range today, because SWMBO was sick so I had kid duties. Crud - back to work tomorrow.

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What a dummy I am.

I bought this thinking it's brass case:

ABS9HP145 Silver Bear 9mm 145grn HP 50rd Box $9.95

Poop. I didn't read very closely! It's zinc plated steel. Oh well no biggie. The picture makes it look like brass I guess.


ADN9FMJ124Dynamit Nobel 9mm 124grn FMJ 50rd Box $9.95

Is perfect. Brass case, made in Switzerland.

Purchase with AIM went smoothly otherwise. The shipping adds $4 box. No tax.

My buddy from work said Walmart sells the 5 box bricks of 9mm for ~$50. Is this true?

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