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Ruger Single Six .22 - unfinished cylinder


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I bought a new Ruger Single Six in chambered in .22LR. The very first time I shot the revolver, I had problems getting the cartridges all the way into the cylinder. I have big strong hands and I couldn't push the shell all the all the way unless I used a small wooden dowel I carry in my shooting box. I thoroughly cleaned the cylinder and noticed that I could see tool marks in the throats. I called Ruger and explained the problem and what was clearly tool marks in the throats. The support representative said that it just wasn't possible that I got a cylinder that had throats that weren't polished. I sent it in to be inspected and if need-be they said they would fix whatever was wrong. When the revolver came back the cylinder throats were as polished as could be and I've never had a problem loading since. I was a bit disappointed in the initial quality, but I'm happy that they made everything right.


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I've sent more Rugers back to the factory than any other make.Either I am unlucky or don't own many other brands

I've sent used guns back to Ruger that have been re-barelled and blued without being charged for any work.

Sending a brand new gun back to have the cylinder worked on would make me mad though.Seems like QC is lacking nowdays.


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