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Why so many .40 semis for sale?


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My guess is because so many were sold in the last 20 years. Law of averages.

I don't know what the rate was, but I know the shops around here sold more .40s than anything for a long stretch there.

It's the same with other things. At my local shop, the top brands in sales were Glock, then Sig, then the rest. Now you can't hardly trade in a Glock or Sig there, because the case is full of them and they don't know what to do with them. It might only be a tiny percent of what they sold, but they are swimming in them.

My second guess is that 9mm ammo is cheaper. That may be a part of it, but I'm not sure how big a part. While I've heard a lot of people talk about doing some trading to get a cheaper shooting 9mm, it costs money to save money in this case. I doubt many would do that except those who average high annual round counts, and they probably already have 9mms.

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Duh on my part. I have seen LE before. sleep

I highly doubt, in fact I know these aren't LE guns. I suspect Barry is correct, I didn't know so many sold. Sub $500 for some really nice .40 guns.

What brand of semi-autos are we talking about? Right now the local Cabela's has a ton of used handguns. I was really surprised by how many used XDM's compared to used plain jane XD's were in the display. Quite a few big boomers for sale too! I wonder how many mall ninja's bought Deagle's and G20's as their first handgun! LOL grin

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Mall Ninja!! gringrint-up

You name it.

This one isn't super cheap, but a great value:

Package value:

Sig P229R w/ night sites= $700

.357 Sig barrel = $120

2 extra 12round mags = $30 each

Blackhawk SERPA right hand paddle holster = $40

Galco Royal Guard right hand holster = $100

Now down to $700 for the whole package.

S&W M&P .40 Night Sights Like new $460

Now below $440.

Walther P99 is in LIKE NEW condition. 200 rounds ONLY fired (magtech 180gr only) Weapon was never holstered or carried only used for 2 range session.

Now "Asking $500.00 OR BEST OFFER"

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"M&P 40 Compact NIB Unfired With Holster" ~$400

"CZ75B .40 comes with 1 high capacity 16rd and 2 10rd mags + manual and original box. Also comes with a custom fit Ross leather vertical right handed draw shoulder holster." ~$400

There are more still...

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Might be LE trade-ins...

The .40 is a superb round. It does have a "snappy" recoil though...It really surprised me the first time I fired my G23!

I have always heard that I do not think the recoil or snap is something to worry about. I have shot an XD subcompact in 9mm and 40 S@W side by side and yeah a 180 gn .
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