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Practically Shooting

Some pistol trivia.


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If I may nitpick here, the Sig P-210 was take on the French Petter design (sadly), which was a take on the Browning designs and one of the first real twists on them. SIG licensed the "Petter Principle" from the French gov't-owned company SACM.



I got a Sig P-210 a couple of years ago (actually a Danish contract M/49), and decided to edumacate myself on them...after buying of course, like I tend to do.

It's one of the smoothest, most accurate pistols I've ever handled, with one of the best though hardest to describe triggers, and a fantastic grip shape.

It's also quite large for an 8+1 9mm, has a hammer that eats the hand alive, a safety that can't be operated without shifting the gun in the hand, and a secure but slow Euro magazine catch.

So while very easy to shoot accurately, shooting it in defensive drills is not the easiest thing at all.

My hand after a couple of magazines:

There are screw-on and glue-on beavertails out there. I chose to beautify this fine piece of Swiss machinery by cutting a ragged looking cupped beavertail shape out of the base of a 2 liter bottle that is held on by the grips.

This should give an idea of how nicely finished it is on the inside:

One thing that has amazed me about this gun is how well it feeds everything. It was designed 35 years before much 9mm ammo besides FMJ was available, and it has a feedramp that looks nearly vertical. But it has gobbled up everything I've tried. I have some odd shaped 140 grain cast SWCs with a long snout and wide face, and it eats them up. I also have a bullet mould that casts a 9mm wadcutter (really) and I've shot a few magazines of those without a stutter. I really don't know how it does it, because it shouldn't.

So it's a mixed bag of really neat and really annoying, but I never thought I'd own one and it's neat just to study so I doubt I'll part with it anytime soon.

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