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Thanks everybody.

CamuMahubah- I don't have a CZ anymore. I used to have a CZ75B in .40 but for a fairly brief time. This was about ten years ago at least, maybe more.

I had been curious about CZ75s for a long time, but don't like .40s much. I mostly bought that one for two reasons: It was priced right ($280 I think, used like new, but it might have been even less) and I needed a gun for a match that was coming up. It was the first IPSC 3-gun match anyone had held since I started and I didn't want to miss it, but I was caught with my usual match gun down for repairs, and for some reason I didn't want to use my carry guns (though I don't know why now). For $280, I solved that problem and got a CZ75 to try out.

I ended up using something else in the match for some reason, but I was impressed with that CZ. Up to that point, I had tried several .40s (trying to like them) but was not very happy with the accuracy. One Glock out of the five .40 Glocks I had tried shot pretty well, and that was it. But that CZ shot very nicely.

At the time, the CZs were still a bit uncommon. Magazines were available for the 9mms, but I had trouble finding mags for the .40 that didn't require waiting on a backorder. I got a few Tanfoglio mags from IPSC guys that had used them. Kind of a pain, but not a tragedy.

I'm a Browning HiPower fan, and I soon got a .40 HiPower that shot even better than the CZ. With the Browning being what I was used to, and shooting even better, the CZ didn't stay around much longer. Nothing wrong with it; I just didn't see a need to keep both, and when I saw something else I wanted it got traded.

If it had been a 9mm, I might still have it. I would like to have one in 9mm just to have an example of them (the first 9mm Jeff Cooper blessed). I wouldn't hate another .40 like I had after reading more about the history and development of the .40/10mm cartridges. Those 1970s experiments (.40 G&A, The Centimeter, etc) by Whit Collins, Jeff Cooper, Chuck Taylor, etc were centered around getting a .40 in a CZ or HiPower sized gun. Neat that now we can just go out and buy one.

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