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Practically Shooting

SIG P225


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How do you like the Ballistol?

I was out handgun blasting yesterday and I decided to do a Ballistol soak for two removed cylinders and a removed 9mm barrel.

I have a brazillion perfect sized plastic parts bins in the shop so in go the parts, pour the Ballistol on them.

Holy flaming gjeheestoast I nearly killed myself. The fumes sent me into a choking gagging mucus enraging spiraling gag fest. Dern, that stuff is nasty. Non-carcinogen my white hairy patootey!!

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Originally Posted By: CamuMahubah
I bet Pablo shot a Glock 22.

Close. Glock 23

He's gonna get a 357 Sig conversion barrel as well. That excites me.

I would have guessed correctly had you said 13 rounds instead of 14,15,16 I dunno! grin

I have a G23 cool

So how's the recoil compared to the Sig? Spill your guts! I need to know before I go buying another handgun! confused

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