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Nu-Finish to polish brass?

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Yep. In the final clean/polish operation. It cleans the residue off and seems to help the brass stay shiny longer while it's in storage. I put the brass in the bowl first, then the corn cob. switch the bowl on for a few seconds to settle the corn into the brass. Then about a teaspoon of New Finish artfully drizzled on the top of the corn and close it up and turn it on for about 1-2 hours.

Yes, that is also a can of Brasso. The wife has some small cast brass figurines and other stuff that I use that on. and toss them in with the pistol brass when I do it. gets all those nooks and crannies nice and shiney.

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I'd not recommend using wet Brasso to clean/polish brass an the ammonia will degrade the brass. Brass is made with copper, remember bore cleaner with ammonia is used to remove the copper in a barrel.

Regarding the Nu-Finish, most any auto cleaner/polish/wax can be used with good results in ground corn cob. Turtle wax, the old Kit wax, Mcguires cleaner wax ect., ect., they all work great. One nice think about using a cleaner polish/wax is deposits a film of wax or whatever which just about eliminates tarnishing.

Another tip is to get ground corn cob from Graingers Industrial Supply, get the 20/40 grit and you'll have no more problem with ANY media cloging the primer pockets or flash holes. It definitely works better that the std. 14/20 grit.

BTW I've been reloading and casting since the '60's.

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Yup, thats the stuff. I got mine the first time because I misordered, they "Graingers" said I didn't have to take it as they would return and reorder the size I thought I wanted. Told them I'd go ahead and try it, and if it did not work it was my loss. Well this was one of those times a mistake proved out. If you order it and open the bag your first thought is Man this stuff is fine. But boy does it work and nothing and I mean nothing clogging up anything any where. Works great.

One thing in using any auto cleaner wax or Nu-Finish is that 2 teaspoons to a tumbler load is more than enough and you don't have to add it every time. When it starts to take longer and longer to polish the brass add a little more. This is one of those times where more is not necessarly better.

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