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Practically Shooting

Howdy From Texas!


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Greetings All!

I recently joined BITOG and happened to stumble on this board while posting on that one.

Years ago, we hunted deer and larger mammals, but these days we hunt prairie dogs almost exclusively during the summer months.

Weapons of choice include:

- Remington 700 Custom in 6MM BR with 26" Hart barrel, 1lb Jewell trigger, 8x32x56 Nightforce, in a fully bedded Remington laminated stock.

- Remington 700 VSSF in .22-250 with 1lb Jewell trigger and 12x42x56 Nightforce in a fully bedded HS Precision stock.

- Remington 700 Custom in .17 Remington with 26" Shilen barrel, 1lb Jewell trigger, 6.5x20x50 Simmons in a fully bedded HS Precision stock.

Next year we will try 2 Thompson Contender Encores (one in .30 TC and one in .204 Ruger) with 15" barrels - for the close ones <grin>.

Looking forward to conversing and learning from everyone!

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