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Ruger No. 1 on the way

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I've been watching the auctions for a No. 1 for some time. Prices on these rifles are usually pretty high, so when this one popped up and was in my price range I grabbed it. Serial number puts production in 1999-2000. Described as like new. And it's chambered in my favorite round, 30-06.

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The Ruger No. 1 has a reputation for being an accurate and reliable rifle.

Shh...don't tell JayPee that. grin

From what I've been able to gather from "Internet research," the No. 1 can be very picky about ammo and it sometimes doesn't shoot its best groups from a rest. It also seems that most of the horror stories about the No. 1's accuracy come from around 25-30 years ago, which is when JayPee had his bad experience with a No. 1.

For what I want to use it for (deer hunting in heavy woods), so long as it will keep three shots in three inches at 75 yards it's plenty accurate for me. I'm not even going to put a scope on it. (A Farquharson rifle just does not look right with a scope on it, IMO.)

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Even though this thread is dated, I just HAD to say something about the Ruger No. 1-

I was in a semi-local gun shop yesterday and found some brass for Mom's old rifle and I also told the gentleman behind the counter that I was here to spend some money. He replied "I can help you with that" and placed a Ruger No. 1-H Tropical in my hands. About ten seconds later I said, "I'll take it". Since it was post-Thanksgiving Day a discount was applied, and the total price was a tick under $770. Brand new. I felt I practically stole it.

It is one beautiful rifle IMO, I love its lines.

My new toy and Mom's old rifle (original Winchester M1895) are both chambered in .405 Winchester.

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I've come to wonder if some of the .405's recoil reputation is helped by what it was usually fired from. I have a Winchester 1895 in .30 Army (.30-40 Krag) which shouldn't be too bad- but it does thump more than I thought it would. Perhaps the 95's stock is a recoil magnifier.

Not that a 300 grain at 2200 fps won't be felt from anything.

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