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Please recommend a quality 9mm multi-cavity mold

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I know it's an old thread, but I just joined and don't see that you have stopped looking. I've been trying to find a good 9mm mould for almost two years now, so I know it can take a while. Some of them didn't do so great, a couple have, and the rest fell somewhere in the middle.

The Lyman 356402 (120 grain truncated cone) is about as popular as any, but never did much in my guns.

One that surprised me is the Saeco #383, a 140 grain SWC that looks like it wouldn't work at all. It has a wide flat nose, then a long taper to a short full diameter bearing surface. It looks like it wouldn't feed and not hit anything if it did.

But it feeds fine and shoots great in everything I've tried (mostly HiPowers, Kahr, Sig P-210).

The Saeco #115 is another. It's a 125 grain RN, but the nose is sort of a pointed round nose instead of the more usual rounded shape.

I'm staying with one of those two- the Saeco 383 or 115. Probably the 115 because it's a four-cavity.

I had high hopes for the Saeco 924, a gas checked 124 grain SWC that sorta resembles the H&G 68 for the .45 ACP. But I haven't got much good from it.

An old H&G #275 which is a lot like that one but without a gas check was about the same.

I have an old Ohaus 9-124 that is a lot like the Lyman 356402 and current RCBS 9-124-CN. It shoots about like the Lyman too, which is fair at best.

Lyman made a mould for .38/.357 that I like some for 9mm. The bad thing is that it is out of production and hard to find in more than a single cavity. That is the 358480, a 133 grain SWC. It's an odd shaped SWC that feeds and shoots well in my guns. I'd use it more if mine wasn't a single cavity.

An important thing to note in 9mms is the range of bore sizes. The general thought is they should be .355, but I haven't slugged any yet that was. The smallest was .356 and most run around .357, so I size 'em big. If I don't, they shoot terrible, and even sometimes tumble.

The 9mm doesn't have a great reputation with cast bullets and I wonder if that's from people not slugging bores and sizing too small.

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