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UltraMax Ammo "Factory Remanufactured" Saga


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A couple of weeks ago I reported that some UltraMax factory reloads I had purchased from Midway were not sized correctly and I had a couple failure to fires. I emailed Ultramx, their quality assurance guy called me and had me send the 2 boxes I had left back to them so they could inspect it.

I spoke with him today and he said it was their boxes and trays but not their ammo. The bullet was not the type they use, the primers were not the type they use, most of the primer pockets were not reamed and the ones that were are different than the reamers they use.

He's sending it back (at my request) and sending me a free box of their ammo so I can see the difference and know that they don't sell junk like what I sent him.

so I called Midway...

I got attitude from the customer service rep when I explained the situation. "Sir we don't manufacture anything here, we didn't put our own stuff in those boxes." "That's not what I'm saying, what I am saying is I bought ammo from you, it's defective, I have sent it to the manufacturer and they are saying it was not made by them." "I'll give you the contact info for the person I dealt with at UltraMax." She spoke to her supervisor who is going to call me later today.

She alluded to giving me a refund. I find it interesting that there is someone counterfeiting already discount ammo.

I'm glad I am going to start making my own, If there are quality problems I'll know exactly who to talk to...

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I've looked at the reviews of UltraMax on Cabelas web site. They won't be getting my money.

Oh the other hand, I've read nothing but good reviews on Mastercast reloaded bullets. I haven't personally tried them, but I plan on doing so in the near future. You send them your brass, they send you reloaded ammunition. No, you won't get your exact brass reloaded and sent back to you, but by sending them brass they are able to keep the price low.

Check them out - Click Here

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