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Factory Reloads an oxymoron?


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In this post there is mention of 'factory reloads'. I've never heard of this term before and it seems like an oxymoron to me. Does this company reload used brass?


There are companies that reload brass and sell it "in bulk." When I was at the range last week I was talking with a guy who was shooting some he bought at a gun store in Georgia from a company in Georgia that makes reloads. These were 9mm reloads with lead bullets. After about 100 rounds the barrel on his gun was so leaded he was getting keyholes at 15 yds!

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I've mentioned these folks before for components, but they also turn out some really high-quality remanufactured ammo using resized, mixed brass with plated, jacketed, or lead bullets.

They load on commercial in-line machinery (not the go-round presses like Dillon, etc.)

I'd use it for most anything except in a self defense situation, and then only because of liability issues.



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