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READ BEFORE POSTING - This is a legal document


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No commercial enterprises may use this space to promote their business. Only individuals are allowed to enter ads here.

If you are selling more than one item, or if you are asking to buy more than one item, please make an individual post for each item. Posts that list more than one item for sale, or want to buy posts with more than one item, will be deleted.

Anyone Selling Anything or Buying Anything Through This Forum Agrees to the Following:

Seller represents and warrants that anything offered for sale is fully and accurately described and that no material information regarding anything offered for sale has been misstated or left out. Purchaser understands that neither practicallyshooting.com, Wayne Willson, nor any administrator, moderator or other staff member shall have any responsibility whatsoever for any information posted.

The practicallyshooting.com forum site is not an auction site. All firearms or items advertised for sale herein must be listed at a fixed price. Posts listing an item without a fixed price will be deleted.

Sellers may not offer for sale here any firearm or item that is also listed on any on-line auction site or which has been consigned to any physical auction house for sale.

If a Seller subsequently decides to list a firearm or an item already advertised here on any auction site, the Seller must remove the offer to sell from here and notify any members with whom negotiations may have begun, that the firearm or item has been listed for auction and is no longer for sale through the practicallyshooting.com Classifieds.

Practicallyshooting.com has no responsibility over what someone is selling, if it is in good condition or according to the seller's description. When you purchase something listed here, you do so at your own risk. Purchaser agrees that he has no claim against practicallyshooting.com, Wayne Willson, or any administrator, moderator or other staff member if purchaser is in any way dissatisfied with the transaction or the item purchased.

All transactions are governed by the laws that apply in the seller's and/or purchaser's jurisdiction. Both seller and purchaser agree that practicallyshooting.com, Wayne Willson, or any administrator, moderator or other staff member has absolutely no responsibility over the transaction. Practicallyshooting.com, Wayne Willson, or any administrator, moderator or other staff member does not participate, in any way, in these transactions.

Purchaser agrees that he/she is solely responsible for knowing whether anything he/she buys may be legally purchased, used or owned by him/her. The seller has no responsibility for that. Practicallyshooting.com, Wayne Willson, or any administrator, moderator or other staff member has no responsibility for that.

Seller and purchaser, jointly and severally, shall, defend, indemnify, and hold harmless practicallyshooting.com, Wayne Willson, or any administrator, moderator or other staff member from any claim related to the purchase or sale of an item advertised here.

You accept the above, by just posting here and/or by buying anything advertised here.

The title of your post should follow the following guidelines:

The first word should be the manufacturer of your pistol (Ruger, Colt, S&W, Springfield etc.), the second word should be the model (Blackhawk, Government, M&P, etc.), from then on, it is up to you. There is no need for "WTS", or "FS" or "For Sale" or whatever. Also, this is a "For Sale" forum so, except for offers to trade, the ads are automatically FS or WTS. If you want to trade a gun, use WTT.

No auctions can be run in this site, so the price you are selling your item should be fixed and stated in your ad. If you want to reduce the price, please edit the initial post, do not ad a new one.

Nothing offered for sale on this site may also be offered by auction anywhere else; and nothing being offered by auction anywhere else may also be offered for sale on this site.

For Respondants:


* Responses to ads in the Classifieds shall be limited to questions seeking clarification or additional information.

* ALL negotiations (offers, counter-offers, etc. shall be carried out through PMs and/or e-mails. Do NOT use the forum to negotiate price or terms. Any negotiations posted will be deleted.

* Classifieds threads are NOT to be used for discussion of the item or items mentioned in the original ad. Questions pertaining to clarification or seeking additional information are allowed. Other than that, discussion is not allowed.

* If you think a price is too high, don't buy the item. No comments on the reasonableness of a seller's asking price are permitted. If you absolutely MUST say something, send an e-mail or a PM to the seller.

* If you have sent a PM or e-mail in response to an ad, that's all you need to do. Do NOT post in the thread a redundant message such as "PM sent" or "E-mail sent." It's rude, and it's a waste of bandwidth. Sellers: If you see such a response, DO NOT post a reply to it. If the moderators see such posts, they will be deleted.

* Respect the rights of the other members, do not bump your thread, by adding useless posts. If you want to change the price of the item you sell, you may edit the first post. Editing of your posts in these forum is allowed for 60 days after the post was entered.


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